Discovery: History of medical properties of CBD

Over the years, products derived from cannabis gained wide popularity and have been used to treat different symptoms. At the same time, the substance has become surrounded by a lot of myths and stereotypes. Some countries even forbid any usage of medical cannabis nowadays. However, such an approach is not right since cannabis is not just marijuana that you cannot buy, sell, and use without issues with law and police. In this overview, we will tell you a few facts about cannabidiol, its history, and treatment. You will also get to know why CBD cigarettes are safe and more useful than nicotine ones. Let’s get started.

Classic Movie Screening Series

On Thursday, February 6th 2014 we will be presenting the First (of four) Classic Movie Screenings as part of our Special Exhibits at the Conrad/Caldwell House Museum. The First Movie that we are presenting is the 1927 classic “Wings” starring Clara Bow and Gary Cooper. This Silent film about World

200 Years on the Ohio Exhibit

I will be presenting a two (2) day exhibit at “Riverside, The Farnsley-Moremen Landing” in southern Jefferson County. Their event “200 Years on The Ohio” will be on September 20-21, 2014. I will be displaying some of our items from the collection, several photographs and a couple of maps. Information