Over the years, products derived from cannabis gained wide popularity and have been used to treat different symptoms. At the same time, the substance has become surrounded by a lot of myths and stereotypes. Some countries even forbid any usage of medical cannabis nowadays. However, such an approach is not right since cannabis is not just marijuana that you cannot buy, sell, and use without issues with law and police. In this overview, we will tell you a few facts about cannabidiol, its history, and treatment. You will also get to know why CBD cigarettes are safe and more useful than nicotine ones. Let’s get started.

The first cases of CBD usage

For a long time, CBD-enriched products were prohibited to use, and that’s why you may think that their discovery and legalization is a matter of recent days. However, that is not true. The first cases of treating mental illnesses and rheumatism with CBD were even before Christ when the Chinese emperor Shen Nung was drinking tea from a cannabis plant. Later, Queen Victoria was treating menstrual pain by CBD-enriched medication. However, using CBD at that time was not systematic and could not be called a scientific fact. It was a rather experimental step to treat the illnesses of the wealthiest people in the world. The variety of cannabidiol products was also very limited then: no one heard of CBD cigarettes, coffee, gummies, etc. 

Early discoveries of CBD

The door to exploration of cannabidiol properties was opened in 1839 by Irish researcher O’Shaughnessy who found out that hemp plants can be used in therapy for treating ailments. In particular, he investigated that cannabis was good at killing the pain of various origins. Unfortunately, his studies were considered to be not trustworthy, and for a long time after that, CBD has not been investigated. 

More grounded studies took place in the 1930s when Robert Cahn from Great Britain managed to find out the partial structure of a single cannabinol. A few years later, he reported its entire composition. The first isolation of cannabidiol happened in 1942 in the USA. Roger Adams, who did it, also published his study of THC, the substance that is responsible for the psychoactive effect of cannabis. If you notice that its level is higher than 0.3% in your CBD cigarettes or oil, stop using them immediately. 
Still, in this time researchers did not know what ingredient of cannabidiol had a healing effect and how to use it for the good of mankind. Hence, a lot of years passed before chemists came to know that cannabidiol is safe to use and started to add it to CBD cigarettes and food.

In the 1960s, the Israeli biochemist Raphael Mechoulam did a great job in the discovery of cannabis therapy. He found out for sure that THC is a substance that causes an entourage effect and changes a human’s mind and that is why it should be extracted from the hemp before producing medications. Mechoulam started his first experiment in treating epileptic seizures with CBD in the 1980s. But even then this substance was considered to be something doubtful and was not recommended for people who were looking at how to manage stress and anxiety. 

Development of CBD in the USA

From the 1990s, the USA started to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. The first state was California in 1996 and seven more states followed it until the beginning of the 2000s. Although the negative perception of cannabis started to change, CBD was thought to be a controversial substance since it had a direct relation to cannabis. After a few more experiments and studies, cannabidiol was recognized as a biological supplement that can be used to treat cancer pain, anxiety disorders, epilepsy, and other illnesses. 

CBD cigarettes creation and benefits

When people started using CBD in medicine, they thought about a way to add it to food and drinks to enrich their meals. Thus, cannabidiol-enriched gummies, coffee, kombucha, cocktails, cookies, and cereal were created. The research even went further so that CBD cigarettes were invented for people who wanted to stop smoking or reduce its harm to their organisms. From 2018, CBD cigarettes entered the Swiss market, and now you can find them throughout Europe and the USA.

The benefits of CBD cigarettes are the following:

  • Quick effect. Cannabidiol targets the organism the best when an individual inhales it. If you take CBD in food drinks, it first needs to get into your stomach, then the intestines, and only after that it is absorbed in the blood. On the contrary, smoking CBD gets the substance directly into your lungs so the effect will be noticed faster;
  • Relaxation. While regular cigarettes make people nervous, cause tremor, and decrease concentration, CBD smoking brings you a fast feeling of relaxation and calmness. The effect lasts for a few hours and helps you to work better, get quality sleep, and feel full of energy;
  • No intoxication. Since CBD-enriched cigarettes usually contain no tobacco or nicotine, you will not harm your inhaling system with them. You also will not get high while smoking so you do not need to worry about your ability to drive or getting back to your daily duties at work;
  • A great substitute for vapes. The last but not the least important is that you can stop vaping if you use CBD-enriched cigarettes. Now the harm of regular vapes for a human’s lungs is a scientific fact, so if you want to stop smoking them, you can use CBD vapes first, and eventually get rid of this bad habit.

Are CBD cigarettes legal? 

It depends on the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol in the contents of your cigarettes. If it’s less than 0.3%, they are legal in the USA. For Europe, it’s part should be less than 0.2%. The Swiss laws allow less than 1% of THC in their CBD vapes and cigarettes.