On Thursday, February 6th 2014 we will be presenting the First (of four) Classic Movie Screenings as part of our Special Exhibits at the Conrad/Caldwell House Museum. The First Movie that we are presenting is the 1927 classic “Wings” starring Clara Bow and Gary Cooper. This Silent film about World War 1 fighter pilots in France during the Great War was the very First Academy Award Winner for Best picture in 1929. It also won the First Oscar for “Best Engineering Effects”, now called “Sepcial Effects”.

The copy that we will be presenting is a print that has hand colored segments during the dog fights, which are very realistic for it’s day.

The screening will be at the Conrad/Caldwell House Museum, which is located at 1402 St. James Court in Old Louisville. The movie will start at 7:00 pm. I hope to see you then.