Special Events – Lecture and Movie Series Info

During the run of the event, we will also be featuring several special events. We have scheduled four (4) Special Lectures and four (4) Classic Movie Screenings. The following list is the schedule for both the Lecture and Movie series. Mark your calendar so you don’t miss any of these great dates. All of the Movie Screenings and three (3) of the Lectures will be held at the Museum. See Lecture #3 for details about it’s location.

Lecture Series Schedule

1.) Jan 26 (4 – 6 PM) “The General History Of Camp Zachary Taylor”.
We will cover the events that led up to Louisville being selected as a location for one of the 16 US Army Camps, and the construction of Camp Zachary Taylor.

2.) Mar 9 (4 – 6 PM) “The Great Flu Pandemic of 1918”.
One of the greatest tragedies of the 20th Century. We will talk about the origin of the Spanish Flu and the perfect storm of infections that killed more people than were killed by the war.

3.) April 26 (4 – 6 PM) “The Streets of Camp Zachary Taylor”
This Special Lecture will be held inside of the “Old Motor School Building” at Joe Creason Park. A special thank you is extended to the Louisville Parks Department for granting us permission to use the building for this event. As you know, almost all of the streets that now exist in the Camp Taylor neighborhood were built for the camp. We will be discussing the people who’s names are given to those streets.

4.) May 31 (4 – 6 PM) “Notables of Camp Zachary Taylor”.
We will be talking about some of the known, and lesser known figures who were at Camp Taylor during it’s time. You might be surprised who was here.

Movie Screening Schedule

1.) Feb 6 (7 – 9:30 PM) “Wings”
The very first Academy Award Winning film starring Clara Bow and Gary Cooper. Released in 1927, it is a silent film about the air battles over France during WW1.

2.) Mar 6 (7 – 9:30 PM) “War Horse”
The Stephen Spielberg film from 2011 about a British Horse that made it through and survived The Great War.

3.) April 10 (7 – 9:30 PM) “The Big Parade”
A newly restored silent film from 1925 tells the story of a rich boy who is sent to France and experience the horror of war.

4.) May 8 (7 – 9:30 PM) “Sergeant York”
The classic film about Alvin York starring Gary Cooper. It won two Academy Awards in 1941.