Kentucky World War 1 Centennial Commission’s – Kentucky State Fair Exhibit 2017

On Thursday, August 17, 2017, The Kentucky World War 1 Centennial Commission, the Kentucky Department of Veteran Affairs, the Camp Zachary Taylor Historical Society, along with many other groups and volunteers will be opening an Exhibit to Honor Kentucky Veterans. The Exhibit will be focusing on Kentucky’s participation in World War 1, and will have displays showing how the soldiers lived and participated in The Great War.


2017-08-12 16.01.53

Replica World War 1 Barracks

2017-08-12 16.00.31

World War 1 replica Trench

2017-08-12 15.58.33

View of sandbag side of WW1 Trench

2017-08-12 16.03.43

Replica WW1 Barracks in the KSF 2017 Exhibit

The exhibit will run for the entire fair, which ends on August 27, 2017, and is free with admission to the Fair. Our location is in Section B of the South Wing. Hope to see you there.